Host, merchants and tourists: Our Touristic Network

The Be-ITinerary app is a complete presentation of the territory, through which tourists will be able to find all of its points of interest and offered services. Keeping in touch with their hosts and service providers.

The host

The host , the person giving hospitality in his accommodation, is the one who suggests the tourist the use of the app and associates him to his accommodation using a linking code provided by the app.

Integrated chat

Will be able to interact with the tourist using an internal instant messaging chat. (available in next version).

Dedicated area

Will have a dedicated area for his accommodation facility where he can generate the linking code for the tourist and make the association.

Commissions and bookings

Will be able to see the commissions he is generating in real time at each purchase of his linked guest.


Ability to earn commissions from all the services purchased on the app by the tourist: restaurants, tourist guides, tours, rentals and much more.

Il turista

The tourist

Tourists are the primary members of the app. BeITinerary will provide them e a complete view of the touristic offer of the territory, better appreciating it thanks to a user-friendly interface that allows to book the desired services easily and immediately with all the support they need.


Tourists will be able to see their location and the points of interest nearby.


They will have the opportunity to choose itineraries best suited to their needs taken indipendently or with a guided tour operator.

Event Notification

They will receive notifications of nearby events directly on their smartphone to fully enjoy the tourist and cultural offer of the places they visit.


Tourists are offered the opportunity to take advantage of an interactive travel guide within which it will be possible to book services and excursions with discounts and ad hoc offers.

Il merchant

The Merchant

The service provider (merchant) supplies its offer which will be purchasable and bookable directly from the app. The services will be customized and will be suggested to tourists in relation to their needs and preferences.

Push Notifications

Ability to generate last minute offers to optimize earnings.

Manage Bookings

Ability to edit availability of the offered services adjusting it to the bookings received from other channels.

Dedicated chat

Be-Itinerary allows merchants to interact with the guests that have booked their services (available in next version).


Be-ITinerary is an additional promoting tool (totally free) that gets directly into the hands visitors highly interested on the services offered by the merchant.

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Tourism just a click away

Be-ITinerary improves the touristic offer of the territories and brings together hosts, tourists and local businesses.

The app has three main strengths: it acts as a showroom for local businesses, offers a complete presentation of the territory and allows the hosts of the accommodation facilities to be directly connected to all the purchases that the tourist makes during his stay. A real touristic network.

Itineraries - Food & beverage

Using the app, tourists will have access to a complete set of organized excursions, with or without a guide, with or without transport, allowing them not to miss out on any beauty and point of interest of the territory.

The food & beverage section allows tourists to discover the local culinary culture and allows bars, restaurants, local producers to promote their activities.

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